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Start Text Message Marketing Now!

So you are ready to get started with text message marketing?

Text message marketing is really a buzzword right now, and it is good idea to get in on it while it is still unique enough to get your customers excited about this new way for business to present their offers.  If you are wondering how to get started quickly and easily, here are some six easy tips to follow.

#1 Pick your method of text message marketing.  Many think text marketing is only giving away a coupon like a “mini Groupon”. But in Mobile marketing you have multiple campaign options. You can send out coupons and use them to entice customers into your store more often?  Or you can use text message marketing more interactively, to get your customers more involved in your business? Some will simply use text message marketing as a way to send notifications and reminders to group members, clients, or customers who request them. Whatever method you choose you will need to choose one to get started.

#2 Decide what you need in a texting company. To deliver your message you will need to chose a texting provider based on what is important to you.  Some texting platforms give you the ability to send text appointment reminders.  Some only allow you to send simple text messages.  Others let you create a QR code that, when scanned, will sign the scanning phone number up to your mobile list (How cool is that!).  With all these options available you need to know what will your business wants, needs, and actually use?

#3 Decide how you want to run your campaigns? Will your staff do it all in-house?  Will you do it all yourself?  Or will you want to use a mobile agent or marketing company who will send all your text messages for you and manage the campaign.  Your answer to these questions will depend on how much you are willing to learn about text message marketing and much time you have to spend managing this profitable marketing platform.  If you want to do it in-house, or manage them yourself it is easy to get started. In fact, we created a system to walk you through it,  if you want to know the simple steps we use for setting up a profitable text campaign.

#4 Customize your text messages for your typical customers. Whether marketing with text campaigns or whatever you must adjust the campaign so that it is suited for the customer. Things to consider are when will you send out your messages? What will the tone of the text messages be?  How often will you send messages? The answer to these questions is dependent on who your text recipients will be and the structure of your campaign.

#5 How will you track your results? Some platforms will allow you to send coupon codes with your messages that will track when the coupons are redeemed.  Or you could simply ask the customer to show the message at the time of redemption and keep more general results.

#6 You will have to choose your keyword? If it is important to have a certain keyword you will want to know right away if the prospective company has it available.  Many texting companies offer the ability to check for your desired keyword for free before you sign up for the service. Many people choose their company name or something specific to the type of campaign.

Once you sit down and figure out the answers to these questions you will be in a much better position to hire a company that can create a powerful texting strategy for you or help you get started with your own marketing. Text message marketing is more then a passing fad, its time for you to get started right away building your list and sending out text message marketing deals and notifications.

Fullest Extent Media is mobile marketing company that specialized in small business that want to connect with their customers  to generate more revenue and sales. Contact us today and receive a 60 Minute Mobile Strategy Session to see how mobile marketing can work for your business.

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