How To Stop Losing 68% of Your Customers?

Did you know that the average business loses 68% of their customers unnecessarily! Perhaps this could explain why such a high percentage of small businesses shut down and go out of business each and every year. But that doesn’t have to be you.

In this simple article I will show you, why businesses are losing customers and what you can do to stop more of your customers from leaving, and how to create profits for your business at the same time.

Business Myth #1…Customers leave business because competitors have a better price. This commonly believed myth among business owners. We often think that people will always choose the cheaper option.  However, we know that is not true of everybody, in fact, it is not true even of ourselves. Even we don’t only purchase on price and just because a business comes in with a lower price doesn’t mean a majority of our customers will abandon us. According to research conducted by the White House office of Consumer Affairs only 14% of people are driven solely by price.

Business Myth #2…Customers leave because they had a bad experience.

Here is a another common myth given for why a majority of people will permanently leave a business. The fact is, in 70-95% of the cases, a customer is willing to give you the benefit of the doubt or a second chance after you drop the ball if you tried your best or made the effort to fix any mishaps. Now, that is not to say that you should have poor customer service, or you should not try extremely hard to give the customer the best experience, but in many cases even poor customer experience is not the driving reason a business like yours will lose customers.

I could go on and on about some of the other reasons we give on why customers leave. We could talk about poor reviews on yelp or google, people moving away, or a family member or friend that starts selling your service. But in most cases the reason people leave is because…


That’s right 68% of people leave a business because the business owners seemed indifferent to them leaving.


That seems a little harsh but in many cases it is true.

If you notice that a person has not come in or made an order in a while, what do you do? Is there an alarm that goes off in your business that prompts you to jump into customer retrieval mode.

Or do we let them softly drift away into the night.

Well in today’s marketplace, you don’t need to lose your customers that easily.

You can take these simple steps to save that customer from taking their money and their business to a competitor.

  1. Contact your inactive customer via email or phone call and re-ignite that account.
  2. Send a promotion to get then buying from you again.
  3. Send a survey to find out what happened to see if you can fix whatever has caused them to go missing. (It could be that they no longer have your contact in their new phone.)

If you could like to put in place a Customer Return Campaign in your business that can alert you and stop thousands of dollars from freely walking out of your business month after month would you do it?

Well now you can create such a system.

In less then, one hour I can ask you a few key questions, and provide a detailed plan for how you can keep your customers coming back again and again.

If you would like to see how this Customer Return Campaign could work for you lets schedule a conversation Today.

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