Mobile Marketing questions
Mobile Marketing questions

What is Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is the process of getting your services or products to show up on mobile devices.

There are 5 billion mobile phone users and 1.5 billion internet users.

That means that your potential marketing effectiveness is increased by 300 percent just by implementing a mobile marketing strategy.

Here’s how you can get started…

We at Fullest Extent Media have a clear understanding of what it takes to have an effective money making campaign for your local business. We want to give your business the mobile advantage.

Mobile marketing advertising is projected to be a 19 billion dollar industry by 2012. Fullest Extent Media can help you create an affordable mobile marketing campaign that helps your local business take advantage of mobile marketing TODAY!

There are many aspects of a profitable mobile marketing campaign. I will briefly talk you through some of the various ways to make more money and bring in more customers.

  • Text Message Marketing – Sending a crafted marketing text message can be an easy way to quickly bring in more customers. We show clients which texting service will work best to accomplish your text messaging campaigns. There are many texting services out there, but the best one for your company is dependent on your text marketing strategy.
  • Mobile Websites – Today many people are accessing websites on mobile devices. Your business will make a lasting impression if your business website is optimized to show up well on the smaller screens of mobile devices. We will also show you how to organize the layout of your mobile website so that you customers can find what they need quickly.
  • Local Search and Map Intergration – Over 50% of local searches is for products and services. We will show you how to get your business to show up in the top rankings of mobile search results. This is important because if you show up on mobile searches your customers can locate your business with the GPS and mapping software that is on most smartphones.
  • Click to Call / Mobile Advertisements – There are thousands of your potential customers that are using their mobile devices daily. We can create advertisements that will put your business’s ads on people’s phones. We will also show you how to create ads that will allow people to call your business directly for more information just by pushing the call button. We will also show you where to get these advertisements at very low prices.
  • Mobile Apps – I’m sure you have seen them, you probably even have a few on your phone. Mobile apps are gaining huge attention and can mean big bucks for your business. Let us help you design an app that will allow your customers to interact with your business and will give you a creative advantage on your competitors.
  • Social Media Integration – Millions of people access social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Gowalla on their mobile phones. We will show you how to get your customers to engage with your business on these social media platforms and greatly grow your business virally.

Are you excited about the power of mobile yet? The next step is to contact us at 888-674-9407 and schedule a strategy session.

A successful mobile marketing campaign starts with a good strategy. We don’t want to just tell you about the advantages of using mobile we want to show you how to maximize its effectiveness and increase your return on investment in these services. We would like to partner with your business or organization to make sure your mobile campaigns are effective.

Whether you want a custom mobile application to engage or entertain customers or a mobile appointment reminder set-up, we can do it for YOU! Whatever you need to help you increase your mobile presence or create a mobile marketing campaign that gets results, we are here to help.

For a demo of the power of mobile marketing text “Fullest” to 72727 now to experience how mobile marketing can work for your business.

Let us take your local business to the Fullest Extent by creating a custom mobile friendly marketing campaign.
Call 1-813-658-8893 TODAY to begin reaching more customers with your local mobile marketing campaign.