Three Ways To Boost your Mobile Advertising?

Every business owner knows that they need customers to buy their products, but many companies are using advertising methods that are not as effective anymore in bringing in more customers.

Where did you put the last phone book that was delivered to your home? Or how many commercials do you actually watch now that you can DVR or TiVo your favorite programs? It is well known that many print ads and newspaper advertisements have a very low conversion rate, normally 1% to 2% that is 10 or 20 calls for every 1,000 ads. THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY!!

Successful businesses have learned that effective marketing strategies in today’s competitive economy must have three very important characteristics:

Mobile marketing campaigns must be TARGETED. The most effective mobile marketing messages are the ones that are directed to those that looking for the product or those that your service will directly benefit. Your marketing dollars should focus on getting your message in front of people that are specifically looking for what your business has to offer or would be most interested in your offer. Mobile advertising campaigns can be targeted by location, determine where your clients are likely to be coming from and place your ads in front of them. If you have a fruit smoothy shop having campaign signage near a gym or fitness center could attract targeted traffic. Another method of targeting would be by determining your customers interests. Decide what types of apps would they likely use or download, and place your advertising in them.

Mobile marketing campaigns must be VISIBLE. This may seem obvious but many times marketing messages are hidden. Too many marketing messages are hidden in 300 page phonebooks, stuffed inside a envelop with 40 other coupons or wrapped inside a large stack or more colorful ads inside the Sunday newspaper. You marketing needs to be where people are looking now. You can make sure your message is visible by placing your message on mobile phones, in email inboxes and on social media sites. Did you know that text messages have 95% open rate? Did you know that Facebook has over 500 million active users? By placing your message in these mediums your promotions and marketing message become extremely visible.

Mobile marketing campaigns must be MEASURABLE. Ineffective marketing campaigns are those that are not tracked. It is good to know you mailed out 5,000 flyers, but it is better to know how many of the phone calls your business received were because of those flyers. It is good to have a website, but it is better to know how many people have visited your mobile website in the last month and what pages they viewed the longest. You need to know the effectiveness of every aspect of your marketing efforts to make better marketing decisions. Tracked results give you the information needed to improve weaker campaigns and maximize the stronger ones.

At Fullest Extent Media we show clients how to target their market, and create mobile marketing messages that are visible to more potential customers. We also measure the results of our marketing efforts, and provide monthly reports to make sure you are getting results.

If your current marketing campaign is not TARGETED, VISIBLE and MEASURABLE you may be wasting your money on advertising. Call us TODAY to setup a free Mobile Marketing Strategy Session! 813-658-8234

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