Start Up Program

If you are getting started or launching a new product this program is for you. Your focus needs to be on creating alignment in your message and attracting your ideal customer.

The success of your new business will be depend greatly on your ability to:

  • Identify your target market or niche and reach them effectively
  • Align yourself with their needs and speak to them in a way that they recognize that your product or service is what they have been looking for...
  • Attract them to become customers of your new venture or product...

Website Development or Optimized Redesign

When starting out you need an online presence. Facebook and Twitter is okay as a supplement, but you need a place that you own and control online. Other websites can go out of business or change their terms of service and any time. You must have an online home that you control.

You website is your piece of online Real Estate. You must have a place that represents your brand and it must also effectively pull customer and prospects into your sales and marketing process.

New Lead Attraction Offer Campaigns

In order to stay in business you must present your products and services to the right people. We recommend that you attract the right people to you by giving them the right bait or incentive for them to come to you. In our start up programs we help you create an attractive offer to put on your flyers, postcards or online advertisements. Your marketing pieces need must appeal your ideal prospects wants and needs. Let us help you find, and communicate with your ideal customers. So if you are ready to create offer videos, lead generation reports or discount offers to help your next customers identify themselves lets get started with your customized marketing plan.

Lead Capture and Lead Follow-Up Campaigns

Once a person views and responds to your offer there are multiple ways we can capture that new lead or prospect. I must tell you, however, that not every lead will purchase on the first interaction with your business. In fact, most will not, but if you have a follow up system in place you can call, email, facebook message or direct mail information to them you will be able to convert 80% more of your new leads. We can help you create, call scripts and follow up email campaigns to help you courteously follow up with your prospects.

Review Your Analytics And Gain An Inside Advantage

For many business owners and startup business, you need an advantage. You need to know as quickly as possible if your marketing is working. What if you had a way to record and see exactly who was coming to your website and exactly what they were doing on your website once they got there. Would that be interesting to you? Now you can. We can install analytics on your website to allow you to see exactly what people are doing on your website. The information you will get allows you to have a much better view of what is working or needs to be changed. To request your free trial to see what people are doing on your website make your request here.

Let's focus your Startup on the Assessment, Alignment, and Attraction needs for your new product or business.

7 Parts to a Profitable Marketing System

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