Mobile Website + SMS Texting = More Clients

Did you know that Americans spend an average of three hours per day on the Internet from their mobile devices?

Virtually everyone has a mobile phone today, that includes your customers! And chances are they keep their phones within arm’s reach over 90 percent of waking hours.

Have you developed a plan for how you and your business will capitalize on this growing shift into mobile customer activity?

Mobile marketing is the strategy many companies like yours are choosing to implement.

We offer services on the three most important aspects of mobile marketing today:

Mobile-friendly websites:

We build and create beautiful mobile websites that are or designed for today’s mobile customers that what relevant information, available on their phone now. Mobile customers have different needs then regular site visitors and we provide what functional mobile sites that turn your mobile site visitors into buyers. Click Link to learn more about Mobile Websites For Businesses.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these…

Mobile-Friendly Websites

 Did you know that ½ of all Internet searches for LOCAL products and services are performed from mobile devices?

Imagine your potential customers whipping out their cell phones to look for your type of product or service while “on the go”… 

Yes! They found YOUR business’s website, but once they get to your website, they can’t find your phone number… or your directions… or your menu/services…

Of course, that information is probably on your website, but if it is not “mobile-friendly,” it will not be clearly visible to mobile users.

Because of this, visitors will quickly leave your website. Why would they stay? They can’t navigate your site to find what they need, so they move on to their competitors.

Studies show that more than 20% of local business searches are performed from mobile devices. That’s potentially 20% of business that YOU could be missing out on!
No matter what business niche you are in, times are tough these days when it comes to getting ore customers and sales. So you cannot afford to miss out on ANY business.

One simple way to prevent this is by having a mobile-friendly website for your business.

Traditional websites are built to be viewed on a computer screen instead of a small mobile phone screen. So viewing a traditional website that has not been “mobilized” on a mobile phone is almost impossible.

Not to mention that they take forever to load! In fact, most “non-mobilized” websites don’t even load at all on mobile devices.
Mobile-friendly websites simply make it convenient for your customers and potential customers to connect with you. As a business owner, your main goal is to remove all obstacles when it comes to your business’s “visibility.”

With mobile-friendly websites, “on the go” visitors can easily find and contact your business with one-click calling, one-click email, and instant directions. Again, this removes those “extra steps” that may be otherwise needed to contact your business.

SMS Text Message Marketing

I’m sure you won’t find this surprising… but, studies show that most people today actually prefer to use their mobile devices to send text messages than to make phone calls. 

Text messaging is at an all-time high because it’s quick, convenient, and effective. People can communicate with others in an “non-interrupting” manner.

The other party can respond to the message at their convenience. Both parties know that they can simply send a quick message back and forth and have a full conversation.

The same applies to business communications and connecting with local consumers. 

SMS text marketing has shown to be successful in most business models and has been utilized most for coupons, retail, promotions, education, communication, and appointment setting.

In fact, 73% of consumers would like to receive special offers on their mobile devices – but they are not getting them.

Studies show that offers made via SMS text marketing has consistently gotten response rates up to 20% – that’s 10 times more than traditional advertising methods such as email, direct mail, and newspaper ads which usually get around a 2%-3% response rate.

Once you build a loyal list of mobile subscribers, you can start building a relationship and promoting to them on a regular basis.

The outcome? An affordable, fast, and easy way to connect with local customers and prospects that generally results in more customers, sales, and profits.

As new technologies are created, business owners are forced to keep up in order to keep their doors open – especially in these tough economic times.

SMS text message marketing allows you to connect with your target market by sending simple text messages. This is a “permission-based program” that is perfect because your recipients have opted-in to receive your messages – meaning they WANT to receive them.

Recent studies show that 97% of text messages are read within minutes of receiving them!

How powerful is that? This means that not only is text message marketing easy to do, but it is also extremely effective. No other form of marketing results in this type of deliverability.

SMS text messaging is also highly trackable. It’s very easy to track your campaigns and evaluate metrics to see how well they are performing.

Again, not many other forms of marketing allow you to track their performance as closely as text message marketing.

SMS text message marketing is low-cost, which is perfect for small businesses. Setting up and running a text message campaign costs just the fraction of other advertising methods such as Yellow page ads and TV ads.

However, the results obtained with text message marketing are generally much higher than traditional methods. This all depends on the type of business you have, what type of promotions you are sending, how well-targeted your mobile list is, and several other factors.

As long as everything is set-up well and you are taking good care of your list, your business can connect with a LOT of local consumers using text message marketing – resulting in higher profits.

When sending out your text messages, be sure to include the name of your business, a call-to-action, and an opt-out option for best results. Longevity is key in list-building.

So always:  let your subscribers know you are, what you want them to do, and how they can get off of your list if they no longer want to receive messages from you.

Be straightforward and honest in all messages to your subscribers. Your reputation is on the line, so there’s no room for error here.

Remain professional, use proper language, and be polite in each and every message you send out. Remember… people do business with those they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST.

If you ever display otherwise, your list will slowly dwindle.

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