80% of sales are made between the 5th to 12th contact. Are you losing 80% of your new business?

How often do you follow up with the people that contact your business? Or are you a part of the 48% of businesses that never follows up.

Creating a follow-up system is a Guaranteed way to grow your business

You can literally eliminate your competitors by simply showing up more to your prospects. Let's Show You how we help you show up more often.

Here is what you need for effective Follow-Up and Sales Conversion

  • At least a 7-12 Point Follow Up System

    Let us help you write a 7-12 email follow up system that goes out automatically to help you consistently convert more leads to customers.

  • Phone Call Scripts

    Lead capture isn’t all online you know… Many times businesses don’t have a standard way to handle inbound calls. Let’s help you capture contact details even on the phone to help with follow up.

  • Dedicated landing pages to receive leads

    Landing pages must be very focused. We have a professional process and checklist to ensure you have a compelling and effective landing page. Let’s use it in your business

To Help You Get Even More ROI We Also Add

  • Create Remarketing Campaigns

    Allow your customers to see your offers on other websites as well. Now you can follow up all over the internet. Is that cool or what?

  • Track the Mouse Clicks

    Installing analytics on the website helps you see what is wrong and what is working in your sales process. Do you see how knowing that can bring in more customers?

15 Great Lead Generation Ideas To Attract More Leads To Your Business

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