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Experience Our Business Building Process

One major advantage you and your company will have when working with us, is that we understand that growing a sustainable, profitable business takes a complete marketing system. We believe that websites, social media, mobile marketing and other strategies are important aspects but must be integrated, as needed, within a strategic marketing framework.  We partner with you help you build a money generating, profit-producing business marketing strategy. Many businesses may not be comfortable with creating selling and marketing systems, but we join you in the marketing process and as a client you will experience the benefit of having complete marketing consultation sessions in our 5-Phase Business Marketing Transformation Process.

  • Phase 1: Complete Marketing Systems Analysis

In the Marketing Systems Analysis we start by gathering information about your business processes and goals so we can better understand your company to determine the best methods to grow your sales and customer revenue. From the overall view of the company, we help you create or update your marketing strategy, and develop a plan of action to get new customers and strengthen the relationship with current customers to promote repeat buyers. Together we examine your current online presence and offline marketing strategies to provide the fastest results. Our analysis covers the current website (if available), business projection goals, online product sales opportunities,  and details about your target audience.

  • Phase 2: Create Relevant Web Marketing Systems

After gathering information and creating a relevant strategy of your business we go into the creation phase of your comprehensive web marketing system. Together we can decide which of our marketing services will best meet the objectives outlined in phase one. All of our services (Web Design, Video marketing, Facebook, Google+ Local, Mobile Marketing, Referral Marketing, and Email Marketing) are not necessary needed at once and we will strategically create the complete marketing system based on client’s needs, feedback, and knowledge of the industry.

  • Phase 3: Marketing System Implementation

With your information and current systems in hand, we will assist in the implementing of your business building marketing system. This could include a website launch, helping to improve your search engine listing, conducting social media campaigns and contests, creating SMS/text campaign marketing collateral, or reputation improvement monitoring initiative. You will define the scope and pace of your custom marketing system implementation to preserve the feel, and style of your business. This ensures that you are involved and active in taking the business in the direction you would like to go.

  • Phase 4: Development of Your Internal Systems

This phase involves providing training and awareness to the business’ employees so they can maximize the marketing process. This could mean helping you create a blog posting schedule, identifying great video opportunities and capturing emails and testimonials. Your unique system depends on the type of marketing application and online platform we have decided upon, whether you have chosen our eCommerce, Facebook, Website, Google places, or text messaging services.

  • Phase 5: Delivery and ongoing support

This phase involves the delivery of finished product-website. This is the final touch and it also includes the testing of the system: Probing the functionality, optimization and conversion of the system.

If you are looking for more then just someone to build your website, but are looking to maximize your business and take it to the fullest extent. Give us a call at 813-658-8234 to get started by scheduling your Free Marketing Audit.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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