QR Code for Fullest Extent Media in Riverview Fl

Look Who IS Using QR Codes Now

The Japanese sensation QR code is gaining popularity all over the world. They are seen on ads by big businesses, they are are seen on television shows such as CSI and now they can be used by you as a small business owner. QR codes are patterned codes arranged in squares generally with a white…

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Mobile Marketing Glossary

10 Mobile Marketing Terms You Need to Know

As the mobile marketing industry continues to grow it is important that small business owners are familiar with mobile marketing terms. Therefore I have provided the 10 most common marketing terms in the mobile industry. Knowing what these terms mean will help you as you read posts on this website and any other mobile marketing…

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QR Code For Car Dealers

QR Codes For Auto Dealers

QR Codes or Quick Response codes are quickly becoming a great asset to local car dealers that have begun using mobile marketing.

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