Why We Do what We Do…

For as long as I could remember I have always wanted to be business owners. Just like you and many others, the idea of having my own business and the excitement that comes along with it is addictive, and in 2010 I took the leap and decided to take my families financial future into my own hands and create Fullest Extent Media, LLC.

I knew exactly the type of business that I wanted to start. After studying business management, and learning the science and art of business building principles, I decided to take my entrepreneurial spirit and training background to the world and help small business owners create marketing systems such as client attracting websites, video commercials and demonstrations, social media pages, and email marketing campaigns that will grow their business and help them to attract more then enough customers that will sustain thier business and help them continue living their dream of business ownership.

Helping others has been our lifelong passions.  From serving over 10 years in the Army, to being a school teacher, a member of countless community initiatives, and now improving the marketing and business operations of local business owners, I am truly in a blessed position.

That is the shortened version for our full story go here.

Today, I have surrounded myself with a team of web developers, graphic designers, and SEO ninjas that are committed to helping your small businesses make money by being found online. Now only do we build marketing systems at reasonable prices, we show you how to convert those leads and build a relationship with customers so that they will come back to you over and over again.

Religious organizations and churches can also see the benefit of our marketing systems as we teach you how to effectively build your relationships with your congregation, staff, and neighborhoods through various media platforms.

Feel free to check out the site and if you have any questions call 888-674-9405 or leave us a message on our contact page.

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