4 Mandatory Campaigns Needed To Grow Any Business [With Examples]

Many gurus and business consultant will want you to believe that you need 27 complicated marketing funnels and 352 promotions a year to build a strong stable business. But if you will take a look at most bigInfusionsoft-Campaign Builder successful businesses carefully you will find that growing a scalable business merely means repeating the same four types of campaigns over and over.

How can you ever scale your business if you re-invent yourself and operations every 30 days? In this article, you will see the 4 mandatory campaigns along with an example of how it can be applied to your business.

#1 The New Contacts Campaign: This campaign may also be called a “lead generation” campaign. The New Contacts campaign is how your business goes out into the marketplace and attempts to tell your universe of potential customers about your product or services.

During this campaign you will want to cast a big net to find those that could or would be interested in your type of service or product offering.  These new contact campaigns can consist of a marketing message that will ask people to request information about a certain topic they may be interested in such as a free guide or an informational DVD.   One way to do this is with postcard marketing. This is actually a postcard that we send out to local business owners called “The 10 Common Mistakes Small Business Owners Make That Can Cause Them To Lose Sales”.

10 Common Mistakes

This is used to get business to raise their hand and request a guide that can help them with their website. You can Request the 10 Common Mistakes Guide Here.

Another way to run a New Contacts Campaigns is not only have it create a lead or prospect, but it can make an “Easy offer” in the campaign like a trial or a low-risk offer, to instantly turn a lead to a customer.  We sent an ad like this for a landscaping client, we were asking Riverview Home Owners would you rather be watching TV or Cutting the Grass on a Beautiful Summer Saturday? It offered a yard cut, trim and edge for only $15.

Isi lawncare1


For online marketers this could be a Facebook ad that leads to a free report or a solo ad mailing for a special training. Whatever way you choose you should always be adding new contacts to your business and running this type of campaign.

Remember “He or she who has the most new contacts has the greatest advantage in business and makes the most sales”. Therefore, every business should always have an out-going, lead generating and prospecting campaign.

#2 A Referral Campaign: The next campaign you want to have running in your business is a referral campaign.

Many business owners will say that anywhere from 60% – 85% of their business comes from referrals. However, very few businesses have a systematic plan for generating and following up with referrals.

Here is a tip for referrals.

Don’t ask for referrals in the same context as the delivery of the bill. Instead, ask for it after the client has expressed satisfaction or appreciation for the product or service provided. Also when you ask for referrals, give them the collateral to help make it easier. It can be a business card with your referral offer, or a link to share on your website.

One strategy we offered as a referral campaign for a moving company was to give coupons to your customers and say “We just did a great job helping you move into your new home, if you know family, coworkers or friends that are moving here’s a certificate for 5 free packing boxes that you can give them to help them get started.”

These two campaigns are helpful to attract new customers, but I believe you also need to have 2 campaigns in place in your business for the after phase of your customer journey. Here is a link to my article that explains my Straight A Strategy which consists of the Attract, Activate, & After concept of the customer journey.

#3 Customer Promotions: The next type of campaigns you want to run are Customer Promo campaigns. Now you may be thinking “Hey they’re already customers, why would I send them promos?”

Well if they’re already customers and you have gained their trust, which makes it easier for them to purchase more from you, so don’t leave money on the table, you should be sending promos to your current customers.

How do you send customer promos? Emails work and also letters, some people will say “Don’t send direct mail or don’t send letters” but when customers get your stuff in the mail they are more likely to open because they already know you.

Our family takes a lot of pictures, my wife loves get pictures taken of our two daughters. And the photo company sends us promotions for the latest picture opportunities. We get promos for Christmas pictures, Spring pictures, Back to School photos, etc., they do a really good job of sending promos to us, thier current customers, they know that we already trust them and they want to further that relationship with them.

Picture People Promo

#4. Customer Reactivation campaign.  After a customer is on your contact list for a while they may no longer be responsive. They may have gone cold. When they get cold then you have to reactivate them and move them back into active buying or engagement mode.

Your reactivation campaigns should be sent when a person has stopped responding or being engaged for 30/60/90 days, and definitely before 180 days. The reactivation campaign can be special offer, a survey or a gift to generate action again.

GAP Reactivation

A reactivation campaign can be delivered via email, direct mail or even display advertising through retargeting. If a person is not responding in one media, email for instance, try using another media to regain their attention.

Now think about this, if you build these four essential systems, you’ll have a process that continually goes out to cold prospects, creates warm referrals, sells to hot customers, and attempts to reconnect previous customers that have gone cold.

Do you see how having these in place can really grow your business?

If you believe having these 4 mandatory campaigns installed in your business can help and you want help designing these campaigns or rolling them out, be sure to schedule a discovery call to see if we can help you get these implemented in your business.

Alright talk to you again soon.


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