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How to Get Started in Cell Phone Marketing

How to Get Started in Cell Phone Marketing Are you looking to get your business going with cell phone marketing? Do you want to send text deals to your customers on their cell phones to get them coming in to your business on your slow days? Let me help you get started! Step 1: Decide…

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Fullest Extent Media

Start Text Message Marketing Now!

So you are ready to get started with text message marketing? Text message marketing is really a buzzword right now, and it is good idea to get in on it while it is still unique enough to get your customers excited about this new way for business to present their offers.  If you are wondering…

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QR Code for Fullest Extent Media in Riverview Fl

Look Who IS Using QR Codes Now

The Japanese sensation QR code is gaining popularity all over the world. They are seen on ads by big businesses, they are are seen on television shows such as CSI and now they can be used by you as a small business owner. QR codes are patterned codes arranged in squares generally with a white…

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Mobile Marketing Glossary

10 Mobile Marketing Terms You Need to Know

As the mobile marketing industry continues to grow it is important that small business owners are familiar with mobile marketing terms. Therefore I have provided the 10 most common marketing terms in the mobile industry. Knowing what these terms mean will help you as you read posts on this website and any other mobile marketing…

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Text Message Ordering

Do you wish you could place an order at your local restaurant or deli with a simple text message? Well now you can! The Zingle text service allows restaurants and other small business to offer text ordering to their customers. Rather than calling in orders, customers are able to text in their orders and have…

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QR Code For Car Dealers

QR Codes For Auto Dealers

QR Codes or Quick Response codes are quickly becoming a great asset to local car dealers that have begun using mobile marketing.

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Local Mobile Campaigns

Here’s how mobile can help your business get an advantage… Customized LOCAL marketing campaigns will allow you to market to mobile devices and engage your consumers on a more personal level. Because of the technology in mobile phones marketing efforts can be focused by locations. This means that campaigns can be directed to people within…

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Three Ways To Boost your Mobile Advertising?

Every business owner knows that they need customers to buy their products, but many companies are using advertising methods that are not as effective anymore in bringing in more customers. Where did you put the last phone book that was delivered to your home? Or how many commercials do you actually watch now that you…

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Six Methods of Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is the process of getting your services or products to show up on mobile devices. There are 5 billion mobile phone users and 1.5 billion internet users. That means that your potential marketing effectiveness is increased by 300 percent just by implementing a mobile marketing strategy. Here’s how you can get started… We…

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Local Search Marketing

Did you know that over 50 percent of purchases occur after an internet search? Are you aware that there are approximately 2.6 Billion local searches conducted a month? Did you also know that the majority of people conduct business with companies that are within 5 miles of there homes or jobs? What does these facts…

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